Breaking The Plane

Stepping away from the whiteboard in science education.

About the Author

Kwelzenbach HeadshotKatherine Welzenbach teaches high school Chemistry, AP Chemistry and PLTW biomedicine in a suburb of Kansas City. She earned her M.Ed from Rockhurst University in Science Education in 2011 and is currently seeking a Ph.D. in Adult Learning and Leadership through Kansas State University. Katherine has worked in education and with students most of her life. As an undergraduate at the University of Missouri, Katherine worked in the Visitor Relations office as a liaison for visitors and campus relations.

Shortly after her graduation from Mizzou, Katherine interned at Kansas City’s Union Station in the Education Department for Science City and won the Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education’s Outstanding Beginning Teacher award in 2011. Along with being an advocate for project-based learning, Katherine pushes for more student responsibility in education.  “Giving students control of something inspires the possibility of anything.”

In the News:  Laptops And Phones In The Classroom: Yea, Nay Or A Third Way?


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