Every now and then I hit a wall.  Papers seem to fly out of my arms in every direction, the drive that brought me to this point evaporates into thin air, and I am mentally paralyzed, jaded, and overall dejected.  If you are a teacher then you’ve most likely felt this sensation.  Some would call it burn out, some would call it, in need of a break, but whatever the name, the phenomenon occurs all too often in the teaching profession.

Let’s be honest, staying home with my own children is exhausting.  As students came back to class today I was relieved to have a day away from my own three-year-old.  Kids will be kids.  Especially when they aren’t in the presence of their own parents.  So I asked myself, What made me feel so burned out?

The answer came to me when I came across Jada Pinkett-Smith video about taking time for yourself.

If you don’t have the six minutes to watch the video, I’ll at least leave you with a few words that I found most impactful.

“When you don’t take time for yourself, you begin to place blame on others for your stress.”

Take a moment and let that quote sink in…In education we are often working beyond the school day, grading papers, working on projects, preparing units etc.  Have you every felt so overwhelmed and stressed that you found yourself blaming others?  While many situations occur beyond our control, it is important to remember that your health and sanity should come first.  Yes, papers will always need grading, and e-mails will always need mailing.  Just don’t forget that your students, your family, and perhaps even fido will always need YOU.